Hardware for BYOD at Upper Secondary Level

In 2001, the BYOD programme of ETH Zurich started under the name "Projekt Neptun". This has since become part of the SSD and we can therefore draw on 20 years of experience in the BYOD sector. Since 2020, this offer has been extended to vocational and secondary schools and adapted to their needs.

For upper secondary schools with a BYOD requirement, we offer a sale of mutually agreed laptop models, which are available from stock at the time defined with the schools. The devices on offer are evaluated based on various quality criteria, configured for long-term use and are offered at heavily discounted conditions. For reasons of sustainability, no cheap devices are offered, but the aim is that the devices can remain in operation for as long as possible and that spare parts are available for at least five years.

Hardware für BYOD auf der Sekundarstufe II


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The BYOD offer at Projekt Neptun
The BYOD offer at Projekt Neptun

You can find the offer on the Projekt Neptun website. Contact us if you would like us to feature your school.

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 Support Services for Upper Secondary Level
Support Services for Upper Secondary Level

SSD's BYOD offer can be perfectly combined with our support offer.